<aside> 💛 Tool for booking and scheduling vacations and days off.


Admins 👉 @Dasha Zenko and @Tatyana Bardashevich

How to use Pause

1️⃣ Option 1 (with the help of command /pause)

  1. Type /pause anywhere in Slack

  2. Then you’ll see an introduction message👉


  1. To apply leave, click Apply leave

Apply Leave.gif

  1. Select a leave type you need


<aside> 📌 We have 5 leave types:

  1. Personal Days (Vacation Time): 25 days - choose it when you need time to relax. ‼ Please note that one part of your vacation time should be at least 14 days and cannot be divided.
  2. Sick Days (without sick list): 7 days - choose it when you feel bad or you have no Personal Days left.
  3. Web3 Dacha (accomodation): 25 days - choose it when you go to our Dacha in Portugal. ‼ Please note that Web3 Dacha is not vacation time, you’ll be working during this time.
  4. Personal Days (not paid) - choose it when there are not Personal Days or Sick Days left.
  5. Sick Days - choose it in case you have sick list and you need more time to recover. And stay safe❤


  1. Identify start and end date, add a reason if needed and click Apply.

Start and end .gif

▪Other useful commands

<aside> 👉 /pause apply - to apply for a time-off /pause afk - to notify your team that you'll be away /pause upcoming - to view your upcoming leaves /pause members-on-leave - to view which teammates are on leave /pause pending - to clear leave-requests pending on your action /pause policy - to view what leaves are available to you /pause holidays - to view upcoming public holidays


2️⃣ Option 2 (with the help of website)

  1. Open the website https://app.getpause.com/home

  2. Choose Continue with Google and use your DEIP Gmail login