1. Tell us a bit about yourself.


  1. A career in politics is notoriously demanding. Why are you running for the seat of Macalister?


  1. Despite being unscientific and hugely contested, in October last year the Qld government introduced a compulsory program with controversial links to gender fluid ideology websites into all schools across the state. What are your thoughts on these resources that encourage children to believe their gender is on a spectrum and that they can choose to change their gender?


  1. In December 2018, abortion laws were changed in Queensland to allow for abortions to happen at any stage of pregnancy with no exemptions. There are no protections for women who may be experiencing coercion and no requirement for counselling. Can you give us your opinion on the current laws?


  1. Key findings from the Palliative Care Services review make it clear that Queenslanders do not have adequate access to palliative care, particularly in rural areas. Despite this fact, the Qld government has referred the consideration of euthanasia legislation to the Law Reform Commission. If a bill for euthanasia is brought into the parliament before adequate palliative care is available for every Queenslander, how will you vote?


  1. If elected, what is it that you want to focus on to improve the Macalister electorate?