Manager Guide
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Managers are the people who manage the day-to-day running of their
organisation (Partner). They might be involved in the legal structure of
the organisation, or not. They run events like gardening clubs or venues
such as churches.

For Managers, PlaceCal is a social and technological initiative to help
you easily reach more people in your community. By becoming a PlaceCal
partner, you make sure that local citizens, neighbourhood teams, and
social prescribers like GPs and library assistants know everything
you’re doing.

We will publish your events online in one more more regional daily
events listings (PlaceCal), and occasionally in printed material on your
behalf. We are also working to get local information onto local radio
and newspapers, and even new digital bus stop signs!

This guide contains:

1. :doc:`Benefits </managers/benefits>`: ways PlaceCal will help your
   organisation and who will use the information hosted by PlaceCal.
2. :doc:`Joining <managers/how-do-i-join-placecal>`: the practical
   process of getting your information and events online and what to
   expect from PlaceCal.
3. :doc:`Management <managers/management>`: what kind of skills you will
   need in your organisation to make PlaceCal work, and how to fit
   PlaceCal into your existing capacity with very little effort.
4. :doc:`Support & Maintenance <managers/support-and-maintenance>`: how
   we will work together to keep your listings on PlaceCal up-to-date.

How much work is it to use PlaceCal?

Once PlaceCal has been set up, it’s almost no effort to maintain on an
ongoing basis. It’s not another event platform like Facebook or
Eventbrite, since it works by simply reading your existing calendar
software. If you organise your events with a paper diary, we will help
you set up a digital calendar using software you probably already have

[Link: See how it works in admin guide]


How do I join PlaceCal?

Support, training and maintenance