This is an excerpt from the Archive's house wiki, written September 10, 2018.

Agreements and housemate participation

One of the unique things about the Archive is that this is a place of focus, and we want housemates to lead their own lives. However, weโ€™ve found that a fairly minimal level of commitment is required to keep the house running smoothly and feeling close:

1. Vote in #the-senate Slack channel so that decisionmakers are unblocked.

At minimum, vote on every proposal in the channel before midnight Thursday nights and Sunday nights.



This system has totally changed the Archive's culture: we no longer need to have meetings (!).

2. Spend an hour doing whatever you want in a common space on Thursday nights.

Specifically, between 7:30pm (House Dinner) and 10:30pm (around when people head to bed). The idea here is to make Thursday night a night for community while still accomodating a variety of schedules. This is primarily for housemates, but significant others are also welcome. Itโ€™s OK to miss if youโ€™re out of town (duh) or following your dreams. Also, please respect that others might want to read/relax/be introverted during this time: try to make sure that at least one common space is safe for chiller activities.