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A creative network comprising BUCK, VTProDesign, Giant Ant, Creative Lives in Progress, It’s Nice That, and Anyways, we share a belief in thinking bigger (and hopefully better) about the value of creativity and the role it occupies in all of our lives.

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September 22, 2023: Do you dream of being a digital nomad?

The Latest

Freedom at your Fingertips

Imagine trading in your daily commute for an epic year-long road trip across the country. Our Senior Growth Marketer Marykate Krasner did just that – and her adventure uncovered some unexpected lessons. From the surprising benefits of having post-work plans to the joys of spontaneous exploration, these are insights that go far beyond the open road. Discover how this journey even revealed the importance of understanding your brand’s diverse audiences in Ways We Work Together: 4 Things I Learned as a Digital Nomad.

What We’re Reading

The Price of a Messy Shopping Experience

Dollar General are losing mid-level customers with their messy and disorganized stores. This situation brings to mind a recent Part and Sum discussion on user experience (UX) in retail, emphasizing the importance of making the shopping experience convenient and pleasant. Dollar General had to hire additional staff to address inventory issues, which included a lot of items still in boxes cluttering the store. Turns out even if products are priced at just $1 customers won’t shop if the retail experience is subpar. - Marykate Krasner

Navigating the Challenge of Cultivating True Fans: A Parallel Between Creators and Brands

While it's a good time to be a creator, building a substantial fanbase of a thousand true fans is difficult. Many creators have smaller, dedicated fan bases alongside a broader audience with occasional buyers. This mirrors the challenge faced by brands today, where some consumers make sporadic purchases. - Jim Babb

How Creators are Sizzling Up the Cookbook Industry

TikTok creators are transforming the cookbook industry. Traditionally, cookbooks were authored by highly trained and award-winning chefs, but now TikTok creators are securing book deals and dominating bestseller lists. - Marykate Krasner

Booktok is super powerful! - Mackenzie Timbel

Singapore's Cool Moves: Beating the Heat with Innovative Infrastructure and Green Initiatives

Singapore’s government is installing infrastructure to help cope with a warming world. Sun-protective roofs on sidewalks, increasing green spaces, and positioning buildings near rivers to capture cool winds, are all part of their plan to reduce reliance on air conditioning and address the challenges posed by heat, particularly for older individuals who are at greater risk. - Elliott Hasiuk

Prime Time Shades: Deion Sanders' Spectacular Sales Blitz with Blenders Eyewear

Deion Sanders’ launched his partnership with Blenders Eyewear partnership just before his CU Buffaloes team’s big game against the Colorado State University Rams. The Rams coach made some negative comments about Sanders’ sunglasses look and Sanders turned that around into a 1.2 million sales day for Blenders. Deion Sanders is marketing gold right now! - Mackenzie Timbel

Unlocking the Power of Information Architecture: Beyond Websites, Boosting Customer Experience and ROI

Often people only think of Information Architecture in terms of websites and, because of that. associate it with long-term projects or high costs. IA plays a key role in the customer experience across marketing campaigns, building relevance, and creating consistency across channels and messaging. - Dani Hoyler

Unity's Game-Changer: Shifting to Per-Install Fees Sparks Debate Among Developers

Unity is shifting to a per-install fee model, impacting many free-access games and raising concerns within the gaming community, especially with small developers. The change not only impacts new games but will retroactively affect games installed over the past 2-3 years. For popular games like Pokémon GO, those fees will really add up. Developers can opt out of these fees if they choose to participate in Unity's advertising service, which is an interesting bargaining chip. - Connor Richmond

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Impactful strategies are created by seeing through the eyes of your customer. Therefore, we foster full-stack expertise across innovation, customer experience, and reaching people through technology. This section includes the areas and disciplines we focus on most.

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Areas of Expertise

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We believe in the creative power of systems thinking. Our ambition is to build the best environment for curious, smart, and driven people who want to practice their craft of helping client teams and each other figure it out. This section includes the structures and processes we build to support and power our team.