SpotAngels developed an editor accessible to anyone who wants to add or edit parking rules. This guide explains how this tool works.

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Go to this link: Connect with your Gmail account or enter an email address.

Add a parking spot

When you open the editor, you can add parking spots anywhere.

On the right panel, draw a line representing the parking spot or shape representing the parking lot or garage area. Lines are for parking spots (Free - Time limit - Meter - No parking...) and shapes for parking lots or garages.

You can start drawing a segment and press "Enter".

Add a parking rule

Once you added a spot, you have access to some shortcuts to add rules: Free anytime - Tow Away anytime - No parking anytime. And parking rules: Tow Away - Meter - Street Cleaning - Time Limit - No parking

Select the rule you want to add to your segment.

When you select a rule, we ask for more information. Here a street cleaning was added, enter street cleaning days and hours.