Any french towns apart from Paris that are magical? - Sarah W






i haven’t been (hopefully soon tho!) but my old boss from a french themed cafe i used to work at has family in Collioure in the South of France and wow, all the pictures and stories she showed/told me are beyond magical and beautiful

another thing she told me that stood out was Collioure is the town that Matisse went when he was depressed and made a TON of beautiful paintings there

Giverny is just outside of Paris and is home to Monet’s garden where he painted his famous water lilies.

Also consider Bordeaux - it has the second most historic sites in France (Paris is of course first), the wine goes without saying, and I believe the entire historic centre is considered a UNESCO world heritage site.

Alsace and Provence are beautiful also and very charming

Noirmoutier! so cute, countryside and seaside