One our of core values as a company is balance. We know that we do our best work when we're also happy outside of work. Everyone in the team is supported by great family (and friends), who are all part of the wider accuRx family. That is why we want to make sure our new parenthood policies not only meets this principle but enhances it.

Our Parenthood Policies

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Why we offer this policy package

18 weeks of leave at full pay for all parents during your child's first 5 years: 9 weeks at birth and an additional 9 weeks of parental leave that can be used at any point up until your child's 5th birthday.

Becoming a parent is one of the most important moments in your life. We want to support you as best we can at this crucial time for you and your family. That is why we want to offer employees a package that is not currently matched by other companies at our stage [see here].

What is more, our aim is increase our enhanced leave even further as we grow.

Only 46% of peers offer parental benefits above statutory [see here]

We believe a supportive parenthood policy isn't just fair - it makes commercial sense. We want to think of our new parenthood policies not as costs, but as assets which can return engaged employees and attract the best talent to the company.

We also wanted to challenge the gender bias of current statutory parental policy [see here] which we believe is not only unfair for fathers but the whole family.

When income was measured 4 years after the birth of the child, mothers' incomes are 7% higher for every month of paternity leave that their partner takes. This is larger than the impact of the length of (or nature of) the mother's leave (see here).

A majority of parents believe that responsibility for looking after children in a household should be shared equally (see here). Yet despite that, less than 2% of parent eligible for shared parental leave were taking it in 2018, driven by financial concerns, lack of awareness, and pervasion of gender stereotypes.

We hope our package gives parents at accuRx, and their partners, equal opportunity to balance responsibilities as they - not government or their employer - see fit for their family.

The additional 9 weeks of parental leave at full pay can be taken any at stage in your child's first 5 years and in half-day blocks.

When we asked the team what was most important in making accuRx a great place to work for parents flexibility was consistently raised. Many parents don't want to take all their leave in one continuous block. If forced to then parents are less likely to use their full entitlement. By giving parents at accuRx complete control to take their 9 weeks of enhanced parental leave at full pay whenever they choose (over the first 5 years of their child's life) we hope that they are more likely to use their full package of enhanced leave, and in a way that is more supportive for their family.

We thought that 5 years was a helpful window for parents as it covers pre-school years. The first 5 years is also a crucial time in a child's development.