I don’t know what’s more exhausting about parenting: the getting up early, or acting like you know what you’re doing.” ~ Jim Gaffigan, comedian 🎭

Having a child is an exciting time in anyone’s life. As an inclusive employer we support all types of families equally. We offer flexibility to suit your (and, if applicable, your partner's) needs.

While we must have separate parental leave policies in order to be legally compliant with both British and Latvian employment law, our principles behind these policies are the same:

  1. Limit restrictions (#KeepItSimple). Our policies are written to be easy to understand. No complicated T&Cs, no convoluted mental math. We simply expect you to communicate with us and your team so we know when you're unavailable and can plan ahead.
  2. Mutual support (#BeMoreHuman). The team wants to support you during an important time in your life. In order for this to happen, your team needs to be supported with a handover of your responsibilities and what needs to be taken care of during your time off. Doing this well in advance will not only help you as you take extended time off, but your team will be grateful.

What Juro offers to new parents

Depending on your length of service, we provide enhanced parental leave policies to assist you and your family throughout this milestone.

Short version

Full version

Parental leave policy for UK

Parental leave policy for Latvia

In the event of pregnancy loss