Design a system for an Ebay mail-order company that sends about 100 parcels a week. The system is used primarily to process and optimize shipping. The parcels are picked up by the various transport companies once a day. The system can be linked directly to Ebay so that the basic data of a shipment is already known as soon as a sale has been processed in Ebay. It can be assumed that the worklist of all sales collected on the previous day will be processed together the next morning.


Overview of the current worklist

The user needs an overview of the items sold on Ebay, which must now be shipped.

Creating a shipment

When creating a shipment, the following Ebay data must be checked and – in exceptional cases – edited:

In addition, it must be possible to define the transport service provider, type of transport service and print the parcel label and invoice.


Mike works in Ebay and takes care of all the parcel orders for Ebay. He is overloaded with lots of work which makes the management of the parcel delayed. He needs to check the worklist of all the sales done on each day and print the parcel invoice, label, mention the transport service provider and type of transport service, etc. so that they can be processed the next morning.

Design a system solution to ease the work for him and the parcels can be transported efficiently.

User Research

I did some online research about how the user generally manages the current case scenarios and in what kind of environment they work in.

I assumed that the users would be managing the shipments from the office mostly, so a web app would be the best possible solution.

Pain points