Israel said they won't stop attacking Gaza — you know, the place Palestinian people cannot leave — until there is complete quiet. see the link below for more details ⬇️ Israel's goal has always been to displace & wipe out Palestinians. [source found in the first documentary link — 17:14-19:15]. In the steps of genocide, they are at 7: extermination.

As of May 25, Israel has murdered 253 Palestinians, including at least 66 children, and injured 1,950 in the span of one week.

Israel vows not to stop Gaza attacks until there is 'complete quiet'

important website run by Palestinians ⬇️

FAQ | Decolonize Palestine


The Impact of State Sanctioned Violence and Its Targets - World Beyond War . . .

how to directly help stop the US government/Biden's $735 million arms deal & $3.8 billion Israel budget: