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We love writing. And writing is so easy with Notion. With Pageably, you can easily publish your Notion pages as blog.

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💳 Calls to action

It's essential to add a Call to Action (CTA) to your blog to increase your email following! Think of all the users who aren't signing up.

With Pageably, you can add a newsletter signup at the top of your pages. Other calls to action include a Stripe checkout button.

📈 View analytics

Without analytics, you won't know which blogposts are performing well!

Add analytics and embedded scripts to your Notion pages with Pageably. You can add any third party tool like Google Analytics, Typeform, Intercom, Hotjar or Segment!

💅 Brand your blog

Customise the look-and-feel of your Notion blog

✨ Pretty URLs

Give your Notion pages pretty URLs to improve your blog's shareability and discoverability.

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