<aside> 💡 The ad I was interested in is no longer available.



<aside> ⁉️ Problem Too many ads expiring and no longer accessible


<aside> 🤔 Approach ****ES2015 classes to import, hold and export our state


<aside> 🧮 Solution web-extension to export PDF from our browsing page


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📘 Introduction

In France, we have this awesome platform named leboncoin.fr which brings traditional newspaper classified ads to the web. Like Craigslist.

At that time, I was looking for a flat to buy in Paris.

⁉️ Problem

I could not figure out if ads were either interesting or not good enough.

Market is under pressure because of high demand. Positions are short.

Also, any offering on the platform is unlisted after fulfilment.

I need to track them somehow. Like an archive or history.

🤔 Approach



Back in the day, you would chop an ad from the newspaper and store it in some file.

That method in modern standards would be doing screenshots.

However, technology also gave us text-based search.