This dataset was created during the Hackaprompt.

Dataset Summary

P3 (Public Pool of Prompts) is a collection of prompted English datasets covering a diverse set of NLP tasks. A prompt is the combination of an input template and a target template. The templates are functions mapping a data example into natural language for the input and target sequences. For example, in the case of an NLI dataset, the data example would include fields for Premise, Hypothesis, Label. An input template would be If {Premise} is true, is it also true that {Hypothesis}?, whereas a target template can be defined with the label choices Choices[label]. Here Choices is prompt-specific metadata that consists of the options yes, maybe, no corresponding to label being entailment (0), neutral (1) or contradiction (2).

Prompts are collected using Promptsource, an interface to interactively write prompts on datasets, and collect prompt-specific metadata such as evaluation metrics. As of October 13th, there are 2'000 prompts collected for 270+ data(sub)sets. The collection of prompts of P3 is publicly available on Promptsource.