If you want to squeeze every last ounce of what Ovice has beneath the lid, this manual is for you to use Ovice like a pro!

How to Enter an Ovice Space

Looking for more details about joining an Ovice space or managing your new space? This guide is for you, and we’re pleased to have you here!

Join an Ovice space

You can join as many spaces as you'd like.

How 🤔?

  1. You have to be provided with a the workspace URL you'll be joining by the workspace owner.
  2. Copy and paste the link of the space that you've been shared.


  1. Simply type your name and click "Enter" and you will have access to the shared space.

<aside> 🛑 If the space you're joining is private, you'll be needed to ask permission from the admin in order to enter their space by knocking to enter or sending a join request.


Public vs Private space

Public space

Creating a public space allows anyone to join it as long as you share the link with them.

Private space

You can create your personal space where you can manage the people joining by allowing them to enter as a guest, a visitor, or rejecting their call when they knock to enter. Curious to know more? See the example below ⤵️