Now that you have started monitoring your machines in real-time and have access to the collected production data, it's time to make yourself familiar with Evocon's Reports feature. Evocon provides a handful of standard reports to help you get a handle on what's happening on your shop floor and in production generally, day in and day out.

Note:  In case you have multiple factories in Evocon, please make sure you have the necessary factories selected as active (more information here).

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Report types

You'll find six reports (more if you have any custom reports added) which can be viewed at any time via the  Reports dropdown menu.


The  OEE report shows you the efficiency of your production equipment and factory during a certain time period, what has been the availability of your machines, how performance has changed, and what is the quality of your production.

Time Usage

The  Time Usage report gives insight into how planned production time is divided between good production, slow production and production downtime (planned and unplanned production stops and stops that were left uncommented).


The  Downtime report provides a comprehensive overview of collected data on all the production stops so you can easily identify the main reasons for availability loss.

Speed loss

The  Speed loss report gives an overview of speed loss reasons added in Shift View, similarly to Downtime report. This enables you to identify the main reasons for speed loss.


The  Quantities report tracks the quantities you have produced at any given time, and also shows you what proportion of that was lost due to quality problems.