1. Overall Product Objective

Desired Action: Entry into ESG/sustainable investing of any level.

Overall target audience is people who are:

(a) Already convinced that ESG/sustainable investing is important, whether for moral or self-interested reasons (i.e. already Motivated to do so), but...

(b) Lack knowledge on investing in-general, or ESG/sustainable investing specifically. (i.e. lack the Ability to do so).

(c) No Context related intervention here

Primary mode of intervention thus focuses on (b), providing knowledge on how to enter ESG/sustainable investment, in order to overcome the gap between being persuaded and taking action. (i.e. the "awareness-action gap")

2. MVP Considerations & Structure

2.1. Choosing a priority audience subgroup & feature set for our MVP

Subgroups within target audience may vary by the following characteristics, and therefore look for different features within our product:

Subgroups within target audience may vary by the following characteristics, and therefore look for different features within our product:

  1. Level of general investing experience. Those with low levels might value info on:
    1. Types of securities (publicly listed stocks, bonds, ETFs). Note: private companies are not part of our focus.
    2. Platforms (e.g. bank apps, other investment apps, insurance-linked investment)
    3. Fund management options (e.g. robo advisors, equity managers, funds, investing in individual securities)
  2. Level of green business/finance knowledge. Those with low levels might value info on:
    1. What ESG/sustainable investing is, and different levels (exclusion, integration, impact)
    2. Frameworks for ESG investment and sustainability reporting, and their connections to the UN SDGs
    3. ESG, sustainability, and green/environmentally-friendly investment options.
    4. Note: For the above, we cover broader ESG/sustainability content and options, but we have a greater focus on "green" or environment-related info.
  3. Level of ESG investing knowledge - Best options for ESG investing, in terms of both returns and ESG credentials
  4. Level of desired personal micro-management (before or after entering ESG investment. Note: This is a cross cutting element which intersects with 1c and 2c. Those with low interest in micro management will tend to value info about more hands-off fund management options.

A map of what "low" and "high" levels look like, for each of the above audience characteristics:


Investing Knowledge Green Knowledge Desired Level of Granularity
Interested but clueless Interested but clueless Ask a broker to handle
Novice - one year or less doing on the side Novice - somewhat read up on key environmental and climate issues "Set & forget" - throw a large amount in a low-risk managed fund
Practiced - invested a lot but not their job/main source of income (less than 10 years) Practiced - either an early stage professional/activist (less than 5 years), or have read comprehensively on environmental/ESG topics Mainly dollar cost averaging higher risk managed funds (don't go down to individual securities)
Seasoned - doing it professionally/late stage of their investment journey (10 or more years) Seasoned - dealing with ESG investment/reporting professionally, or doing specific environmental research/consulting, or are a seasoned activist (for more than 5 years) Mixture of managed funds and individual securities
Creating whole portfolios from scratch)

MVP target audience:

  1. For Investing Knowledge and Green Knowledge, at least "Novice" in one area. If they are "Practiced" in both dimensions, they aren't a target group, as our MVP won't serve them well.
  2. For Desired Level of Granularity, the information provided will cover up till the level of "Mixture of managed funds and individual securities". So we won't be giving info on how to create or maintain entire portfolios, since we lack expertise.