Senior Solidity Smart Contract Engineer

About Overlay

Overlay is a DeFi protocol that allows users to trade nearly any streaming data - from crypto pairings to sneaker indexes to cultural, political, and social scalar data. The project started as an ambitious idea in 2017 and was brought to life in 2020 after winning a Chainlink-sponsored Hackathon.

We've raised $2M+ in strategic funding from well-known DeFi VCs like Polychain, ParaFi, 1kx, The LAO, and Metacartel Ventures to make Overlay a reality.

Our Team

We’re a tight knit team who values responsibility and autonomy - meaning you’ll take full ownership over smart contract development and have a huge impact on Overlay’s future growth and direction. You’ll be able to collaborate with our advisors and community DAO to shape future version releases of Overlay.

At our core we believe in a strong work-life balance with the ability to continuously ship. We promote a flat organizational structure with full transparency around protocol updates and we value empathetic communicators and teammates. We are both community and team first, so you will interview/chat with all of us to see if it is a good fit on both sides. Also, we love cats and cat gifs 😻


As a Senior Solidity Engineer you will be responsible for architecting and developing Overlay’s core and periphery smart contracts built on the Ethereum chain. You will work alongside frontend and data engineers to maintain and develop Overlay Protocol after launch, as well as ideating for future versions of Overlay. We’re looking for someone who’s comfortable with owning technical decisions around our core contracts.