Creating a new calendar

Firstly, let’s create a new calendar for all your Public events. This makes it really clear which events are going through to PlaceCal.

Click “Add calendar” then “Secondary calendar”.


This will bring in a little box in the left sidebar to type the name of your calendar in. This is a little hidden!


Now you can add events to your calendar. Click on “New” and then “Calendar event”. Give your event a name.


If your event calendar covers multiple venues, add the venue. Be sure to use the autocompete to set the location: having the name correctly here helps PlaceCal make sure the event goes on the correct pages.

If your calendar is entirely for one venue, you can either skip this step or use it to store a room number.


Add relevant information about how often this event is, if needed.


Make sure that the calendar is set to the new calendar you just created, and not the default one in Outlook.