is a community-led initiative which helps our friends and neighbors in California, and eventually elsewhere, get accurate information about how to get the covid-19 vaccine. We get this information by calling pharmacies/hospitals/etc and asking their medical professionals to tell us what ground truth is; we publish their answers to our website. This is a free service.


We have been a volunteer-lead virtual phone center, but we need to make more calls more consistently than our volunteer squad can do, and so are looking for help.

We've been featured in national publications, including NBC, NPR, Fox-2, etc.

We are seeking five part-time workers, ideally with telephone sales or call center experience, to help us call into healthcare providers to take down information about the vaccine. This is not a sales position; we're strictly calling to ask for information. Overwhelmingly, the healthcare professionals we call are happy to give it to us.

Pay: $20/hr

Time commitment: seeking 20 hours a week; please pick consistent hours for yourself between 11 AM and 7 PM PT. If you're a student we will happily work around your class schedule.

Days: We're open 7 days a week because the healthcare system is; you're welcome to pick ones which work for you. We'll work around your schedule if you're in school.

Equipment: you'll need your own computer (anything that can run Discord), Internet connection, and a phone. We'll provide the software, call lists, scripts, and management.

Start date: we have availability substantially immediately.

Interested? Email to discuss.👈