These FAQs are compiled from information I have sourced from the Oura website, from Twitter, and from my own experience.

Bear in mind that I do not work for Oura or have any official connection with them, hence these FAQs are entirely unofficial and should not be regarded as authoritative in any way.

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Where do I find my upgrade offer for my Gen3 ring?

If you haven’t received an email with your personalised upgrade offer, and the banner is not showing in your Oura app, try clicking on the ring charge graphic at the top right of the screen in the app; some people have found the banner there when it is not showing elsewhere. Additionally, if you received an email from Oura with the subject “A message from our CEO” on or around 30th October, the email contains a link with the text, “you will be gifted a free Lifetime Oura Membership and an exclusive upgrade discount.” Clicking on this link will take you to your personalised upgrade offer.

Why have people got different upgrade offers?

This depends on the date that you registered your ring in the Oura app. If you registered between September 18th and the launch of Gen3, you will (probably!) be offered a free upgrade subject to returning your Gen2 ring. Effectively this is an exchange. If you registered between July 20th and September 17th you will (probably!) be offered a $100 discount.

Is the Gen3 sizing kit different to the Gen2 kit?

Oura have confirmed that the ring sizers in the Gen3 kit are exactly the same as the ring sizers in the Gen2 kit. The only difference is that the instructions have been updated. The QR code in the kit links to this webpage:

Which finger should I wear my ring on for best results?

The Oura Ring works on all fingers and can be worn on either hand. For optimal performance and accuracy, Oura recommend wearing your ring on your index finger, although also suggest the third finger works well. Oura also recommend wearing the ring on the non-dominant hand in order to avoid scratching.

Do I need to send my Gen2 ring back when I upgrade to Gen3?

If you have been offered a free upgrade to Gen3 then yes, you are required to send back your Gen2 ring. Oura have said that in this situation Gen3 rings will be shipped once Gen2 rings have been returned. If you have been offered a discounted Gen3 ring you are not required to send back your Gen2 ring, but may do so should you wish to.

How do I send back my Gen2 ring?

Oura will send you an email with full instructions and paperwork. Take your Gen2 ring, charger and cable to a FedEx agent and show them the barcode on your email. The agent I spoke to required three copies of the paperwork included as a PDF attachment in the email from Oura. I was also required to purchase a FedEx envelope at a cost of £4.50. Oura use priority shipping, which, from the UK to the USA, is typically overnight. My Gen2 ring was held at customs in the USA, so was delivered to Oura two days after being picked up by FedEx. I received confirmation from Oura that my ring had been returned, and that my Gen3 was on its way to me, before the Gen2 had reached them.

Will I have to pay additional fees when purchasing in the UK?

Yes - you will be required to pay tax when your ring reaches the UK. On a $299 ring this is reported to be £38.09 tax, and £11.00 fee to the carrier, giving a total of £49.09 payable. This is usually payable online before delivery is attempted, but is sometimes requested on the doorstep.

Can I gift/sell my Oura 2 when I upgrade to Oura 3?

You can. Just factory reset your ring as described on this page. Data that has been synced to your Oura account will remain in your account.