Why do we do this**?**

We are a team of entrepreneurs, independent workers, immigrants, and we have often suffered from the rigidity and complexity of the world of traditional rental housing.

The main problem we faced are:

🚫 Being stressed by the visits and the application process

🚫 Pay a very expensive rent to live in a nice location

🚫 Investing in furniture and wasting time with logistics

🚫 Signing a binding lease and not be able to break it easily

🚫 Do not know anything about local operation to connect internet, electricity etc ...

🚫 Don't know anyone and feeling alone in a city we don't know

We are determined to find solutions to these problems, so we created Cube.

Another vision of living

Cube is a different way of living. Flexible, human, affordable. For those who pursue opportunities. For those who give themselves the means. For those who are on the move. For those who move forward. For those who create. Cube allows you to focus on the essentials. To save time, to be more free.

Shared housing is not new. We call it colocation, or coliving. What is new here are our values ​​that are central to everything we do, to build communities and a consistent experience and in each of our homes.

But why Cube**?**

We have chosen the name Cube to represent both the concept of housing from an architectural point of view (an envelope of wood, bricks or concrete) and everything we put inside and that makes it unique: people, experiences, laughs, failures, successes, games, memories, ambitions.