At Pento, we have an ambitious mission; there are many paths that can take us where we’re going, but it’s important we walk the same path, together. Our Principles are here to guide who we are and how we work at Pento — they’re the intentional backbone of our company operating system. Our Principles are inspirational (not aspirational!) and deliberately actionable, and this page shares more about what each Principle looks like when we put it into practice.

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<aside> 💟 Principle #1

Champion the Customer

We win when our customers win.

Our customer-obsession drives all the things we do, and fuels us going above and beyond. We’re deeply empathetic to the problems we are solving, and the delight and value we create for our customers. Every single ****touchpoint and experience matters.


<aside> 💡 In action:

<aside> 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Principle #2

Lead with Respect & Candour

We get to the best answer, together.

We believe we owe it to one another to bring out each others’ best. We demonstrate profound respect, both for what we have in common, and for our differences. We speak up, candidly share constructive feedback, and find our way to the best outcome.


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<aside> 🚗 Principle #3

Own your Impact

We’re drivers, not passengers.

We proactively seek solutions to the challenges we find, and hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes we bring to life. We approach every challenge as an opportunity, and take ownership both for our own growth, and Pento’s growth.


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