At Pento, we're building the kind of company we've always wanted to work at. We aspire to hire the best people, build world-class products, and generally try to find (new) ways to optimise everything about how we work.

Below are our core principles and description of what they mean to us.

Challenge Assumptions

We expect everyone to voice their opinion — especially if you believe there's a better option, or that your team is about to make a mistake. A good argument will never be "... because that's how we've always done". Even if there's a well-described process in place, you should challenge it if you believe the process could be optimised.

Be Transparent

We believe transparency is the solution to a lot of (potential) problems. We encourage everyone to be vulnerable and share their mistakes, challenges, and victories whenever possible. Even if it sometimes feels uncomfortable — that's how we all learn and get better.

Embrace Differences

We embrace different perspectives, cultures, backgrounds, and opinions in everything we do. We see disagreement and different perspectives as a way to learn and be better — and we try our best not to fall in love with our personal opinions.

Trust and Improve the Process

We focus on systems that help us to reach our goals with as much predictability and consistency as possible. Instead of focusing on short-term wins, we build processes that bring us the long-term results we want. We will rather have a strong process with long-term potential, than a set of quick short-term wins with no consistency or predictability.

Communicate Clearly and Often

As we are a remote-first team with team members in 16 different cities (and counting), we communicate and work online to make sure everyone stays updated and included at all times. We default to written communication, and we make sure to consistently include relevant team members no matter where (and when) they work.

Raise the Bar

We know we get better by challenging each other. We tell each other when we believe we can do better, and we make sure to have solid arguments or suggestions ready when we do so. We give feedback like we want to receive feedback, and we know it's in everyone's best interest to be challenged on a regular basis.