At Pento, we're building the company we've always wanted to work at. We've been a remote-first company since day-1 and we're committed to designing a flexible, inclusive and enabling organisation. This was easy when we were small but we're a lot more intentional about things today. Read on to hear what this looks like and speak to your manager if you have any questions or would like to explore options.

The majority of our roles are remote

Most of us can work from anywhere and this is how we've historically worked. Today, certain teams spend time together in our offices. These team members can still work remotely some days of the week, however we believe that they benefit from time spent together for training and collaboration. We hire people via one of our legal entities, or Remote, Oyster and Deel, our employment partners enabling us to hire (nearly) anywhere. We also support with work permits and visas where possible.

We optimise for enough time spent online together

You can set your own hours, as long as enough time is spent online together with your team and other people that you're currently working with. It's difficult for us to set core hours (i.e. hours where you available for meetings or discussions, such as 10am-3pm) because of the different time zones we work across. We trust each person and team to discuss their needs and preferences, and find the right schedule for everyone. We tend to hire +/- 3 hours CET to help overcome these challenges.

<aside> ☝️ For some teams, like Customer Support and Sales, we naturally need to work when our customers do. That limits full flexibility, but it doesn't mean you can't find balance between these needs, and your needs and preferences. Speak to your team and coordinate together.


We're outcomes driven

We don't all work the same schedule — you can set your own schedule as long as this works for your team and required collaboration. This doesn't mean we want you to work more or less hours, but our focus is on the outcomes you are driving vs. time spent online. This enables each of us to set the right schedule for our preferences and life demands. You may need to time-shift for your caring responsibilities or you enjoy an activity at a certain time of the day. This is supported and is exactly what our flexibility is here to enable.

We work (a version of) asynchronously

We're not a fully asynchronous company. We optimise for being online together, and this real-time communication and collaboration is a core part of how we work. Our choice of tools and our expectations of how each other however is led by many asynchronous principles. We default to written communication and label as little as possible as "urgent", allowing people to input at a time when suits them best.

We have an unlimited time off allowance

It's important that we're well rested. We work hard at Pento and we want to enable you to find balance, and enjoy everything that you like to do when not working. You should take off at least 25 days each year (and we encourage more). Read more about how this works Unlimited time off and our other Perks.

We're considerate of each others' schedules and preferences

For this kind of flexible working to work, we must be considerate that we will encounter people who work differently to us. You should feel comfortable speaking to someone if their work schedule is impacting collaboration, however you must also respect their preferences and needs. Optimise for asynchronous working where possible to support efficiency and no loss of momentum just because someone is offline.

We try to avoid the pitfalls of working in a remote-first, flexible company

If you log into Slack at any time, there's a chance someone will be online working. And it might be members of your team or your manager. But this doesn't mean you should feel pressure to work outside of the schedule you have set for yourself. Their "odd" hours is their preference and this being different to yours is a good thing — it means we might be close to building the company we've set out to build 🙂