A quick history on what led us to build Polywrap and some of the milestones we’ve reached.


After years of developing for top web3 space like Balancer and Compound, a small group of friends realized the difficulty of development and limitations of web3 apps.


So in 2020, they got together to build Polywrap, a development platform that will enable not just web3, but all software to:

🌐 Polywrap is a fully distributed, open-source organization building the tools that will radically improve the process of developing and delivering software to any device.


We’ve grown tremendously and reached major milestones. Here are just a few:


DAO whose contributors have top-notch experience from places like Microsoft, Headspace, dOrg, and Balancer


Partnerships with top projects like Gnosis, Gelato, NEAR, Polkadot and more


Development of projects like Rust-support, a decentralized version registry, a Defi aggregator, and much more


Very exciting strategic partnerships to be announced SOON…

🇫🇷 EthCC Talk

Jul 20, 2021

Polywrap was invited to do a talk last year at EthCC, Ethereum’s largest event. See the talk here.