"The key to success in business is in personal relationships. Fewer customers. Less money means more care for your customers and yourself. Because if the heart is empty, then the head will not help. " - Mikhail Izyumov, 2001

Our story began in 2001, when Mikhail Izumov conducted his first advertising campaign. Starting without knowledge and experience, but with a great desire, a phenomenal ability to search and learn, he used the best of marketing of the XX century and laid the foundations of his own approach to marketing and advertising for a new generation.

Our story is about the evolution of the thoughts, talents and experience of a person who influenced the company's philosophy, business strategy, and destiny.

From the very beginning, Mikhail Izumov had a different view of marketing. He imagined it as a universal complex tool that can realize dreams, fulfill business goals, and fill people's lives with meaning. With each new job, the immersion in solving each specific problem became more and more profound, requiring new technologies, knowledge, and experiments.

The ability to inspire people, quickly solve the most difficult problems in almost any business, as well as a selfless approach where it is most needed, allowed us to open a new page – the search for simplicity for the benefit of people.

Since 2001 and since 2010, when it was created in the Office of Mikhail Izumov, we have helped create many successful brands, implement the most daring ideas and, more importantly, do not stop learning, accepting new challenges, creating more benefits and understanding the responsibility to society.

Get acquainted with the starry hours of the history of IZUMOV BUREAU

It all started with the classics in advertising. An impressive start (successful cooperation with Volkswagen, Tinkoff, Bacardi-Martini, Opel, Chevrolet, etc.) led Mikhail Izumov first into the restaurant business and later opened up new opportunities.

2001 – The family business. School World (TOP-3 manufacturers of school and children's furniture in Russia and the CIS).

The first experience of federal advertising, the first online store in 2001, the first promotions and sweepstakes, the first banner on the main page www.rambler.ru, the first exhibitions – for the first time there was everything.

2001-Branded mouse pad with an original design of the first page of the site. The design of the Mat and site – Michael Izumov

2001-Branded mouse pad with an original design of the first page of the site. The design of the Mat and site – Michael Izumov

2004-Tinkoff Restaurants"

The brand strategy of one of the most famous brands of the 2000s was famously supported in a series of print ads for the Tinkoff restaurant. Inspiring texts, talking pictures had decided to not only branding problem, but also quite specific, and they helped to attract more guests.

Idea and text-Mikhail Izumov, Photo-Nadezhda Kovba

Idea and text-Mikhail Izumov, Photo-Nadezhda Kovba

2005 – Restaurant "Il Patio"

This advertisement was a real milestone in the history of Izumov. It was created by a special order of a particularly valuable client. Many options were suggested. The choice was made on a simple slogan, talking photos, and the first cross-advertising experience with Martini in the brand's history. A huge amount of preparatory work was carried out: negotiations, auditions, photo shoots, etc.

But it so happened that when printing advertising in the magazine, a printing error occurred. The photos looked a little darker (you can determine this yourself in the photo on the left) than expected and the customer refused to pay for the work. As a result of the advertising campaign, Il Patio received more than 1,000 new guests in just a few weeks, strengthening the image of one of the most popular restaurants in the city.