A light overview of the Polywrap Development Platform and wrappers

Polywrap Development Platform

Our first product is the Polywrap Development Platform which enables developers to build a new kind of SDK for connecting with protocols called wrappers.


Wrappers are supercharged SDKs deployed to decentralized storage like IPFS. Here are the main advantages of wrappers:

1️⃣  Cross-platform

Write your wrapper in just one language. Deploy it to decentralized storage and then any application can access it

2️⃣  Secure

Many SDKs are bundled into apps today, along with all their dependencies. This potentially leads to security issues on your machine. Wrappers are secure by default since they’re containerized.

3️⃣  Light-weight

Wrappers are fetched on-demand. Apps use them only when they need them, unlike SDKs which are bundled into the application.

4️⃣  Composable

Wrappers can be easily composed with other wrappers to create new, compelling creations