<aside> 🖤 Allies Creating Equity launched in June 2020 by three Y Combinator Founders, Manny Bamfo, Robyn Exton, and David Hua, to build a group dedicated to racial equity within the tech startup community.


We are a group of YC founders, entrepreneurs, scientists, leaders, students, investors, executives, activists and anti-racists who believe in using our collective energy and power to dismantle racism, undo white supremacy, stop anti-Black violence, and build a 21st-century social structure based on respect, dignity, and freedom for all Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

Our Principles:

Our Three Key Pillars for Action:

Being an Ally for Equity means:

We commit to learning about the ways in which generations of white Americans have benefited from institutionalized racism and systematic oppression. We commit to dismantling subconscious racial bias, listening and, educating ourselves on the ways race and privilege intersect in all facets of our culture. We commit to taking action in defense of human life. We commit to design systems that benefit black, brown, and indigenous communities that have been long oppressed.

Here is what you can expect from us when you sign our pledge: