<aside> 🛠 Designing scalable and digitally-enabled medication support pathways…


<aside> ✅ …to help people in the community as they age: positively, actively, independently, and with dignity.


Why are we here?

***Older people living in their own homes don’t have the right support and confidence they need to independently manage their medicines.

And often, the people who care for them don’t have the information and insights they need to provide the right support.***

Our Mission & Goals

In partnership with Oxfordshire County Council, we’re creating an accessible digital medicines offering that builds older people’s confidence around their medicines, helps establish sustainable routines for managing them at home, and offers support when things aren’t right.


<aside> 📍 We want to:

Our Approach

This initiative is a 16-month project running from May 2022 to August 2023. Our initial rollout with 40 adult social care service users kicks off in January 2023, following an in-depth research and design phase with all key stakeholders.

<aside> 🗣️ We are directly engaging with:


Our Evaluation & Beyond

We’re working with a unique consortium of academic and social care partners, backed by a £1 million grant from Innovate UK’s Designed for Ageing Challenge.

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