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Having a foundation is important, it is what everything is built upon. Thus let’s go over what we expect while being a part of our community.****

Related to Our Members

The following is not permitted, being hostile to others’ opinions, to confuse, mislead, scam, posting sexual or racism related, NSFW content, soliciting in private messages, using a voice changer, bypassing such as a punishment, sharing malicious links, or simply picking on a member intentionally.

Threatening will not tolerated what-so-ever period. This includes to scare or to cause harm to others. A few other examples of this is DDoS/DoSing, and Doxing.

We understand it might be funny trying to get a friend or even another member to attempt to break our rule(s) which we call baiting this is not permitted and it will simply lead to a uno reverse card against you.

Pulling a prank that involves acting as a staff member or a member, we call that impersonating and it is not permitted.

Trading any items outside of our community that have monetary value is expressly prohibited. Citrus should not be considered as any kind of real-world currency equivalent.

Related to Messaging

The following is not permitted, zalgo text, a blank name, unusual unicode, political views, a attention seeking name, an overly lengthy username.

Let’s say you just crafted your first LYHME Weapon, Celebrate it! Make it known, use all caps even! Know, its okay to use all caps BUT, now this is a big BUT. Please don’t use them excessively thats all we ask.

Scenario: You created a YouTube channel, made a video on LYHME and now you are live streaming on one of our servers, you are allowed to indeed advertise it! This can be setting your nickname to your Twitch or YouTube name, to even sharing the link inside one of our discord text-channels.

I gotta say we are known for not permitting swearing, so yes it is true. Swearing is not permitted! Including any of the associated acronyms. We do not count words such as damn, butt, and hell as swear words.

A few topics that we ask not to talk about within our community is: Drugs, politics, and sexual talk or actions via roleplaying.

We ask that you do not spam members while you are messaging and/or in a voice call, in some rare cases this is permitted.

If the topic ever arrises about God or anything related to religion we ask that you do not mock or disrespect it in any way.

On our servers, overall this won’t happen much but when it does, we call it “hackusating” what we mean by this is accusing a member of hacking via chat or voice. - When this happens, simply report it via our Discord by messaging our ModMail discord bot.

When it comes to reporting, try to include much detail as possible!

Hacking and Scripting

As you might have guessed it, hacking or a modified client, item duping, auto scripting, self bots or abuse of anything that can be exploited is not permitted on any of our servers.

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