Now: Race Reflections community Now: She Leads Change Springboard & Peer Coaching Circle Now: Lego®Serious Play®Facilitators Meetup
2019: She Leads Change Open Programme 2017-now: self-directed fiction writing 2016-now: creative civic activist 2013-now: training in the science and art of helping people change 2013: in my 40s, marrying for the second time 2012-now: inventing and evolving storyFORMing 2012-2016: speaking at international conferences on innovation, creativity and market research 2010: Co-inventing IdeaKeg ­čôŽ 2007-2016: losing loved ones to cancer, old age and heartbreak 2005-now: working as a consultant to big corporations, mid-size multinationals and ambitious startups with an eye on global markets 2009: ending my 1996 marriage 2004: giving birth, and beginning to parent a dyslexic child 1998-now: continually working in and with startups 1994: starting yoga 1994: publishing a Tina Turner biography for tweens 1993: migrating 1992-2000: publishing articles on race, gender, sexuality and power in magazines and journals 1991-92: New York University Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Acting 1990: Catholic University MFA Acting 1989-1992: interviewing theatre makers around the USA about social justice 1989-1990: in her absence, turning my mother's suburban house into a boarding house