First principles: If something is wrong, come and talk to us. In general here's what to expect:


If you’re ill, stop. Don't be a hero; we don’t want your flu-ridden body shuffling around the office like a semi-animated corpse. We want you to focus on getting better. Face time counts for nothing.

Contact your line manager in good time, and ideally no later than 8am if a sick day is needed. Please let us know the cause of the absence and how long you think you'll be away. After the first day of absence you should keep us updated on a regular basis (at least every two days) on how you're getting on!

Let the team know on slack, add it to CharlieHR and get some chicken soup going.

We’re here to help so just talk to us.

At WeGift, our Compassionate Leave policy covers time off for a bereavement of a dependent and time off for an emergency involving a dependent. A dependent could be a spouse, partner, child, grandparent, grandchild or someone who depends on you for care.

WeGift's Compassionate Leave policy:

The Rights to Bereavement leave is covered in the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Compassionate Leave

We have no set amount of days for compassionate leave and we encourage you to take the time you need.

Miscarriage Leave

WeGift would like to extend our support at such a devastating time by offering 10 days' paid leave (separate from compassionate leave) for anyone who experiences a miscarriage. We hope that you are able to grieve any losses and know that we are here as a company to support you in any way we can.