Fixed Meetings

Meetings held on a fixed basis in the calendar and compulsory for team members to attend

Spontaneous Meetings

Meetings held on an spontaneous basis as consequence of daily work needs

Async Meetings

Sometimes it's impossible to find a common time to meet, or we are trying to respect everyone's time and while some kind of meeting is needed, it doesn't have to be live. Our async meetings can take place on Slack as a threaded conversation, or on a Basecamp chat.

On Slack, there should be one person running the meeting who will open it, and state:

On Basecamp, it's normal to see async 'status updates' on the Campfire chat that is centered around a particular open project.

Using Loom/Vimeo/Screenity/CleanShot to quickly record something to include in an async meeting is also acceptable and encouraged, just be mindful of keeping it short.

Organizing Meetings