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Innovator's Dilemma (Christensen), Venture Capitalists at Work (Shah), Founders at Work (Livingston), The Hard Thing About Hard Things (Horowitz), Zero to One (Thiel), The Myths of Innovation (Berkun), Venture Deals (Feld), Never split the difference (Voss), Contrarian Investment Strategies (Dremen), Rework (Fried), Navalmanack (Jorgenson)

Read for the Sabbatical:

The Art of Community (Vogl) [pretty good!], The Toyota Way (Liker) [not great], Learning Agile (Stellman) [pretty good], Understanding Michael Porter (Magretta) [just OK],Margin of Safety (Klarman) [too basic but would have been good 10 years ago], Seven Powers (Helmer) [good but academic], An Elegant Puzzle: System of Engineering Management (Larson) [great], Team of Teams (McChrystal) [just OK], Principles (Dalio) [pretty good], High Growth Handbook (Gil) [not bad],

Images of Organization - Gareth Morgan

7 Powers: Foundations of Business Strategy