Now builders do not need to check the orders table to see if they have any new orders. With the Order notification and Pop-up feature, our builders will be notified every time a customer place an order.

Step by step guide to enable Order Notification and Pop-up alert

Here is simple four steps guide to enable the Order Notifications. Please follow these steps to enable Order Notifications on your builder portal.

Step 1

Sign in to bSecure Builders Portal.

Step 2

Go to Manage Stores from the side navigation bar.


Step 3

If you have multiple stores, please select one on which you want to enable order notifications. Now click “Edit Store”


Step 4

On the very bottom, you can see “Notification Settings”, expand notification settings menu and enable button for Order Notifications and Order Pop-up alerts


Step 5

Now you’ll receive a Order notification and Pop-up alert every time a customer place an order.