We send your emails via Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES) in the EU, which offers one of the highest delivery rates worldwide. Here is why we (still) use Amazon for sending:

Why do we (still) send emails through Amazon AWS?

In order for us to deliver your emails as well as possible, you need to make a few technical settings in your email domain. If you send emails e.g. from name@example.ch, example.ch is your email domain.

With these technical settings, the mail servers of the recipients of your emails can verify that an email really comes from you and that we are allowed to send emails on your behalf.

If you don't make these settings, your emails should still arrive at most recipients - but not all. And it may be that some email programs add the note "sent via amazonses.com" to your emails. This hint disappears as soon as you have made the "DKIM entries".

So we strongly recommend you to implement the following recommendations:

1. DKIM records

DKIM stands for "DomainKeys". DomainKeys is based on asymmetric encryption. The e-mail is provided with a digital signature, which the receiving server can verify using the public key available in the Domain Name System (DNS) of the domain. If this fails, the receiving server or the receiving application program has the option of rejecting or sorting out the e-mail.

a) Get your unique DKIM records from us

To enable DKIM for your emails, you would need to add three entries to your DNS. The entries are specific to your domain.

If you have not received DKIM entries from us yet, please contact us. We will be happy to send them to you as a CSV file.

Your DKIM entries look like this, for example:


b) Create the entries in the DNS of your domain

Please go to the DNS management of your domain.

With the provider Metanet for example you can find it here in the settings of the domain:


The layout is different for each provider. If you can't find the DNS settings for your domain, please check with the provider where you registered the domain.