Operators ****assist in transcription/translation, copy-editing, data entry, and more.

Although it isn’t the “coolest” job around, operators give us the tools that chip away on our (unseen) work.

What do we need help with?

Transcription & Translation

Transcription is an expensive necessity in making our work accessible. On our podcast page, you’ll see all of our works that lack a transcript (especially from 2021/2022). If you can submit an updated transcript, that would be a huge help!

All of our resources are currently English-only. If you can assist in translating our works to another language, please reach out to us.


Outside of our Primer, none of our work has been formally edited, and we know that there are mistakes and ways to clear up our writing. See our website and resources page and let us know if you would like to copy-edit our work.

Data Entry & Research

We actively reach out to schools on ways we can assist through our free open access resources and professional development services. To help us research and identify schools, see this template.

We’re constantly building upon our research database and looking for ways to support our practice. To help us build on our research database, see this template.

Human Restoration Project is actively seeking grant-funding to further our mission. To help us research grants, please contact us with any leads or partnerships we should check out!

Getting Started

  1. This is “drop in” assistance, meaning that you can get started at any time! If you have an idea, go ahead and get started (and see our policies below)! Before transcribing, translating, or copy-editing any works, please reach out to us so we can ensure it isn’t already accounted for.
  2. Submit any drafts, concepts, ideas, or questions to chris@humanrestorationproject.org & nick@humanrestorationproject.org.
  3. Thank you for assisting us in our work! We will credit your work on our website. Your assistance makes Human Restoration Project possible!