Primary Venture Partners is looking for an Operator-In-Residence (OIR) to join its Incubation program with a Healthcare focus. Primary is an early-stage venture capital firm with $500m AUM, investing in pre-seed and seed-stage startups based in New York City. The firm’s Incubation arm launched in 2019 to support the ideation, research and launch of new startups. Primary’s first three incubated companies will return its first fund many times over, and Primary is now primed for substantial growth in its Incubation efforts in 2022. Check out our blog post, “What Invention and Incubation have in Common” to learn more about Primary’s incubation philosophy.

OIRs at Primary engage in generating and vetting new ideas in targeted industry verticals, conducting extensive diligence on those ideas, and preparing a business case for pre-seed investment from the firm. OIRs also have the opportunity to double down with a specific business into the launch phase as a member of the founding team, recruiting key executives and getting the business up and running from 0 to 1, or returning to the Incubation program to do it all over again.

The ideal OIR candidate is a versatile strategist, startup enthusiast, and exceptional, hands-on doer with an analytical or hands-on operational background, in fields such as investment banking, strategy consulting, or startups. You should also have experience working within the healthcare industry or with healthcare clients and a desire to deeply understand business models, the startup landscape, and emerging trends in the healthcare industry. You should excel when analyzing markets, conducting customer discovery interviews, researching competitors, building financial models, and translating findings into compelling presentations and narratives on markets and business opportunities. Most of all, you are passionate about entrepreneurship, the startup and VC landscape, and building networks in the healthcare industry. If you are in an MBA program, we are open to a part-time arrangement until you graduate, at which point you would begin full-time.

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