Who We Are 🤝

Community Development is a growing field in web3. There is a huge demand online for Community Moderators, Community Managers, Community Directors, Community Leads, or more technical positions like Developer Evangelists, Developer Advocates.

Being a vital aspect to the success of web3 projects, community roles are a growing trend that we’re looking to help you with. We will provide you with resources, best practices, experiences, relationships, and potential leads for open roles. Our community is more than a job board—we’re a community lead factory!

This community was built to educate up-and-coming community leaders. To meet this talent gap in our current state, we aim to open-source resources, connections, standards, tactics, frameworks, strategies, and tools that will build this future workforce.

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Mission 🚀

<aside> 🎯 Build a community of community leaders in web3.


Vision 👀

<aside> 🔮 We see a world where community leaders, directors, managers and more are leading the future businesses and technologies of the world.


Values 🤝

<aside> 🥇 Community first

We believe heavily in Community first. To be successful as a community and as community leaders in the space–we have to put others before ourselves. We are all incentivized to be here personally, but the collective long-term value of collaboration outweighs the short-term gains by a single member of this Community. This group strives to put the We in Web3.


<aside> 🤝 Collaboration

The internet sure did not build itself. There is also not one founder of the web, blockchain, of Ethereum. There are thousands of engineers, contributors, inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs that made access to connectivity what it is today. We believe heavily in leveraging everyone’s skills to achieve a common goal.


<aside> 🗨️ Transparency

There is no us and them in Community. There is only the monster of coordination that we are all fighting over—in web3 we call this “moloch”. Our community is fighting to become more efficient, and more collaborative—we can only achieve this through transparency and clear communication to all.


<aside> 💯 Contribution

We believe in solving problems, fixing issues, and participating for the sake of the community. Our members willingly contribute code, content, communication, and effort to help the greater cause. There is the understanding that work = pay, however, in the beginning, to gain the community’s trust, value is interpreted as how much you contribute to the whole before the whole gives back to you. This is a trustless agreement between the community and ourselves. We give more than we take.


Open Roles

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