There are two ways to open the widget programatically, with access to Javascript, and without access to Javascript.

<aside> 💡 The widget must already be installed on your site for any of these methods to work.


Launching with Javascript

If you are able to launch Javascript on your page, just call the window.showAssistcord() function from anywhere on your page to open the Widget. For example, to have a button launch Assistcord, you'd do <button onclick="window.showAssistcord()">Chat to us!</button>

Launching without Javascript

If you for some reason cannot access Javascript on your site, e.g. if you're using a website builder, you can launch Assistcord by pointing a link to #assistcord, for example, to have an <a> tag launch Assistcord, you'd do <a href="#assistcord">Chat to us!</a>

Having trouble?

If you've followed all the steps above and the widget still isn't working correctly, contact us by pressing the chat button in the bottom right!