OpenSC uses cutting edge technology to track individual products from origin to consumer. The aim is to help businesses and consumers avoid illegal, environmentally damaging or unethical products, while improving supply chain accountability and transparency.

OpenSC is a new blockchain-enabled food tracking platform developed in partnership between WWF-Australia and BCG Digital Ventures.

I have been working with OpenSC since May 2019 and since then, have taken on the role of Software Engineering Lead for the Platform team. The Platform team is responsible for developing OpenSC's core platform that allows customers to verify, trace and share their supply chains. We are developing algorithms to make sustainability claims about supply chains in an automated fashion; for example using readily available GPS data from fishing vessels along with a machine learning algorithm and other data to detect whether vessels are fishing in protected areas of the ocean. We enable customers to trace their supply chains and the data is stored immutably on the public blockchain. All of this data can then be provided to end consumers of those products to help them understand the origins and journeys of their products and make more informed, conscious buying decisions.

Role & Responsibilities