I was an intern at Kroll Bond Rating Agency on a team with 3 other interns and our project for the summer was to make "a dashboard of some sort." I thought for sure that I knew the type of dashboard we were going to make: the standard, kind of useless, dashboard that is on the walls of a lot of tech companies. After talking with who worked there we realized that the company would not get a lot out of a standard dashboard. Because we did real research with different people who worked at the company, we found out almost all of them had the same issue: they wanted to know when a blocker they were having would be resolved. They also had anxiety about whether or not the person who should be working on the blocker knew about the issue and was working on it. We interviewed experts to talk with them about iterated, having them try out the prototypes we made

We made a desktop and a large wall monitor version. The wall would be something everyone could see if they were not at their desk and the desk version is interactive where they can upvote if they were having the same issue.


Storyboards. It helped recognize any potential issues with the path people will be taking


We accomplished this by using Design Thinking methods and made prototypes in figma







When we iterated after the first design idea