Our journey, outcomes and learnings of conducting the placement session online for the very first time at NID.

Contributors: Manjusha Muthiah, Sunair Raj D, Surabhi M

Advisors: Nijoo Dubey, Sujitha Nair

Introduction: NID Bangalore's on-campus placements are scheduled after every even semester(April end). Overall activities for these placements start way beyond and preparations for reaching out to companies start 3 months before the scheduled placement week.

2020 was an unusual year. Although there was a great effort put by the placement team in reaching out to companies and registering them for the session. The pandemic hit us hard and the institution officially closed on 18th March 2020. Placements we schedule on 20th-21st April. The uncertainty of pandemic and institution being closed posed a new challenge for the placement team to conduct the session completely online and get students placed within the required period.

Pre- pandemic scenario:

Conventionally placements at NID Bangalore happened on campus for a period of 2-3 days after the even semester juries. Only certain processes such as invitation registrations and one round of shortlisting happen online, while the rest of the process happens on campus.



The pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to college activities. After several rounds of meeting with the college administration, we finally got permission to hold placements online.

The challenge was to translate all of the in-person events online. This needed a lot of pre-planning to make sure nothing goes wrong.