Here are all (started 2020 so might not remember all passed) online courses I have passed and a few words about them.

CS193p - Developing Apps for iOS

This is the best place to start as someone interested of learning Swift basics. I have watched 2020 course where they used SwiftUI and then also 2017 course where they used UIKit. Notes from 2020 and 2017.

Startup School - The Best Online Resource for Founders

I have watched 2018 and 2019 courses but also old lectures on YouTube. The early ones were lectures on Stanford. The lecturers are extremely successful people like ‣ , ‣ , and ‣ so they understand what they are talking. YCombinator, who is hosting this, is really big influence at Silicon Valley. I can't take startup founder seriously if they haven't consumed any content from YC as they have definitely the best experience from all accelerators and schools.


I have watched's course since 2017 (one or two parts every year). I wrote notes each time and the second year they got pretty popular as they were kind of the official notes for the course. Here are the first year notes, second year notes, and third year.

This is absolutely the best place to start learning ML. Having programming focused approach to teaching made it much easier to understand than math focused courses like Andrew Ng's courses.

Deep Learning

This is similar course to the machine learning course from Andrew Ng but this is updated version talking more about current algorithms. The name already tells how the previous was more focused to machine learning. Math focused course.

Machine Learning