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OneSoil is a digital product company that builds a platform for sustainable and profitable farmers and agricultural companies.

We are among the first companies in the international market to analyze satellite imagery and build machine learning algorithms for agricultural tasks.

There are no ready-made solutions in this field yet, each new task is a leap into the unknown. But that is why the pioneers in this field have a chance to do something truly revolutionary.

The OneSoil platform consists of the OneSoil app, Precision Insights tools, and a business API.

🌱 The OneSoil app allows you to automatically detect field boundaries, remotely locate problem areas, leave notes and photos during field inspections and keep track of the weather. This helps increase yields, conserve resources and reduce the amount of fertilizer and chemicals used, reducing the environmental impact.

🚜 OneSoil Precision Insights — are comprehensive precision farming services for agricultural companies. They include identifying limiting factors, implementing variable rate seeding and fertilization, and conducting field experiments from A to Z with the support of our dealer partners.

📊 The OneSoil Business to Business API allows you to get up-to-date information about fields and crops around the world, and therefore make more informed decisions.

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