OneNote is a digital notebook application, which holds notes within notebooks. Notebooks are stored in the cloud, and can be shared across your organisation and/or your immediate team.

OneNote online

OneNote is available online (as with all Microsoft 365 services). Go to and click on OneNote under Apps, or go directly to

OneNote desktop

<aside> 🗒️ There are actually two desktop versions of OneNote for your PC:

1. OneNote (formerly OneNote 2016) – available with Office and Microsoft 365, and is fully featured and has full functionality.

2. OneNote for Windows 10 – comes installed with Windows 10, and has fewer features and less functionality.

We obviously recommend the first option, 1. OneNote, above (formerly OneNote 2016) to get all the features and functionality.


As of March 2020, when you install Office or Microsoft 365, the full OneNote desktop application is installed alongside the main applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. However, if your PC does not have OneNote, you can add it using this download:

The different OneNote versions

This is what OneNote (formerly OneNote 2016) looks like:

And this is OneNote for Windows 10:

Ensure your OneNote notebooks are saved in the Cloud

Sync OneNote