Problems must be faced.

Problems never start big, they ALWAYS start small and grow over time, developing through a series of missed opportunities to recognize, address, deal with, and face. They grow by not exposing, recognizing, by denying, falsely, or by half addressing them or the absolute worst, intentionally ignoring them. By ignorance.

It’s been said that the biggest problem is an unknown problem. That’s close to correct but more accurately, based on my experience, the biggest problem is a known problem that is outright avoided in hopes it will just "go away". Hope is not a strategy.

Why problems are often willfully ignored could be a book in and of itself, but within a person, there are endless reasons. A psychological inability to face reality due to ego, social pressure, or vested interest is more common than it should be. Where self-awareness is lower than it should be. In facing problems, we know thanks to Einstein, "we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." We have to change our perspective, our approach and address the lens we once had to evolve and face, address, and resolve the problem.

We can't change the problem to fix the problem, we have to change ourselves. Change our view of the problem, change our view often accepting responsibility for the problem. Accepting responsibility is not assuming 'fault', it's simply taking ownership of the resolution. Which is empowering, enabling, and the first step to resolution. Nobody else is going to solve them for you. Nobody else is going to live your life for you. As Raymond E. Feist said "Life is problems. Living is solving problems."

Problems must be faced, for life to be lived.