System Requirements

Operating Systems

Please make sure that you’re using a supported operating system:

For legacy systems running on CentOS, please make sure that you are running one of the prior supported versions: CentOS 7.4 - 7.6. Also, you must disable SELinux and firewalld, as they are not compatible with Docker and Kubernetes. You will be prompted to do this during the installation process.


Expected Load

Hardware is variable because it depends on the number of systems (satellites and ground stations) you are running, and how much data they are inputting into Major Tom. It also depends on the number of remote clients (browser sessions and gateways, not running on the server) that will be simultaneously viewing/interacting with Major Tom. These requirements are formulated from testing with:

Base Requirements

File Transfer Requirements

For systems using File Transfer, we recommend increasing the hard drive space to match the expected file throughput you’re going to be experiencing. We keep files for 90 days by default (contact us to have this configured), so we recommend: