I put up a line on my website about being open to mentoring, and since then I've gotten a few requests about it. I've tried to craft personal responses to people, but it usually takes a long time for me to do this cos I procrastinate like whatttttt. So, I decided to write this note to explain what I can help with as far as mentoring.

Firstly, you can ask me about work and how I handled a particular work situation. As you probably know, my area of expertise is software design. I've come quite some way from hacking together designs to leading a team of eight, and I have a lot of local Nigerian context. Feel free to ask me about anything I might have encountered during my journey. These questions can range from tooling choices to communicating with management, to steps to take towards leading a design team. Kindly try to make the questions as specific as possible

Also, you can ask me to give feedback on some work you're doing. This one is tricky because I wouldn't want to be swamped with questions like "should I make this button red"? Please try to make the questions as high-level as possible. A good example will be to share a prototype and ask if it satisfies a particular requirement. I'll also be very glad to give feedback on web experiments and interactive design work, which is something I'm very interested in myself.

Finally, it's okay to ask me about life, and we can exchange notes on the things we've been through lol. This is a good time to mention that for all the things I've listed above, I'm not an authority on them. On the contrary, I'm just willing to share my experiences with anyone interested in learning about them.