Terms and Conditions

Olympus Mons – the Evmos Incentivized Testnet Competition is a competition sponsored by Tharsis Labs, Ltd. (“Tharsis,” the “Company,” or “we”) open to the eligible, general public (“Evmos Incentivized Testnet Competition,” also referred to as “Olympus Mons,” “Evmos Incentivized Testnet,” “Evmos Competition,” “Incentivized Testnet Competition,” “Testnet Competition,” or “Competition”). Registrants must perform a series of tasks (“Tasks”) based on the applied role (“Role”) on the (i) Company websites (including https://evmos.dev/), testnet faucet and block explorer) (ii) Evmos chain websites (including (https://evmos.dev/ and https://evmos.org/ ), testnet faucet and block explorer (iii) Evmos testnet, (iv) Evmos Incentivized Testnet, (v) Company’s platform (“Network”), (vi) Olympus Mons testnet and (v) other related products (collectively, the “Evmos Chains Services”) over the course of the three rounds of the Testnet Competition (individually, a “Round”), and in doing so may be deemed “Participants.” Participants can apply as a “Builder” role or “Validator” role and are rewarded with Evmos Chain mainnet tokens (“Rewards”) for active participation in the Testnet Competition, per the reward system set out in the Official Rules and as determined by the Company in its sole discretion.

By submitting an application using the Evmos Chains Services and/or participating in any round of the Testnet Competition, each participant (“You” or “you” or “Participant”) agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein (also referred to as the “Terms”), including the waiver and release set forth in section 19, and by the “Official Rules” (collectively with the Terms, this “Agreement”), and the decisions of the Company, which are final and binding in all respects.

Please read the Official Rules and these Terms carefully before registering for and/or entering as a Participant in the Evmos Incentivized Testnet Competition. If you do not agree to this Agreement or any part thereof, do not use the Evmos Chains Services.

  1. Eligibility; Participating in the competition

As more fully set forth in this Agreement, all members of the Evmos community are eligible and encouraged to participate in the Olympus Mons Incentivized Testnet, but not all participants are eligible to receive Rewards from the prize pool.

Employees and contractors of Tharsis may not win the competition or be rewarded, but will be using and deploying to the testnet for testing purposes.

Participants who use social engineering attacks to exploit other competitors, or who use malware to attack others will be disqualified from receiving any contest Rewards. If as a Participant you identify software vulnerabilities in Evmos, the EVM module, Cosmos SDK, Tendermint Core or any other dependency, please follow the official instructions for submitting security vulnerabilities in order to be eligible for Rewards.

Challenge participants who violate the rules of engagement set forth in the contest scope or who violate the Code of Conduct for Olympus Mons Testnet may be deemed ineligible for Rewards.

Participants are not required to pre-register for the testnet, but winners will be required to submit to “know your customer” (“KYC”) protocols and processing at Company’s discretion before mainnet launch in order to receive the Rewards (“Registration Procedure”). The Company will post information regarding the Registration Procedure through the Communication Channels (defined below) and/or in the Official Rules. Winners will only be able to KYC one address per identity and will need to sign a message with their public key to attest that they are the holders of that key.

In order to use the Evmos Chains Services and participate in the Testnet Competition, you must be a natural person and at the time of entry be 18 years of age or older or the age of majority applicable to you, if greater than 18 years. You cannot be a resident, living in, or accessing or participating in the Testnet Competition from any of the restricted countries at the time of entry and during the Testnet Competition (the list of restricted countries can be found in the Official Rules).

Under this Agreement you may act as:

Validators. Evmos also aims to provide the highest standards in terms of network infrastructure security, intuitive usability, and community engagement from validators. The Incentivized Testnet will help battle-test the node infrastructure with Participants at the forefront of ensuring validators are ready for mainnet, while also earning Rewards themselves.

Builders. By building on Evmos during the incentivized testnet, you will also be eligible for HackAtom VI rewards, which you can learn more about at https://evmos.blog/evmos-is-participating-in-hackatom-vi-2021-9ac967b21d36.

You agree the Company will require KYC registration in order to convey Rewards to you. Validators must submit their Genesis transactions (aka gentxs) or create their validators via a staking transaction after launch. Anyone eligible is able to participate, though there is a limit of 300 slots in the initial active validator set; this parameter can be increased at any time via an on-chain governance proposal. We highly recommend attempting to run a validator on the currently running Arsia Mons testnet prior to the Olympus Mons launch in order to acclimate to running Evmos ahead of time.

You must accept the Agreement. By submitting attempting to participate in the Testnet Competition, you acknowledge and agree that the selection of Participants is at the Company’s sole discretion. The Company reserves the right to select Participants and reject applicants in accordance with criteria that it may determine, and amend from time to time, in its sole discretion.

  1. Eligibility; Claiming the Reward

In order to claim any reward, you must:

a. Fulfill all the eligibility requirements in section 1 of these Terms; and

b. Complete the Registration Procedure, including provide KYC documentation and an e-mail address, and such other information requested by the Company or by the Company’s KYC provider, prior to claiming the potential Reward in the Testnet Competition, and satisfy the KYC requirements.